Random Rant: Liberalism, Parenting, and Political Correctness


I believe that many on the “right” have a misled animosity towards society when it comes to the issue of PC culture. The problem with PC culture is not that liberalism or mainstream media is trying to over-protect children.

The problem is that parents aren’t equipping their children with the courage and confidence needed to protect themselves from the realities of the world, so society feels like it has no choice but to soften everything around children in order to protect them.

Liberalism didn’t create “snowflakes”. Parents did. Liberals are just doing what they think is necessary to protect them, as crazy and illogical as their methods are.

It shouldn’t be a TV station’s responsibility to make everything as PC as possible to build kids confidence. It shouldn’t be a Little League’s responsibility to give kids participation trophies to build confidence. It shouldn’t be a school responsibility to have nonsensical award ceremonies to build confidence.

It’s the responsibility of parents, and the only reason liberals do these ridiculous things (as useless as they may be), is because clearly, the jobs not being done at home.

So, parents, do society a favor. Empower your children. Encourage your children. Tell them they’re awesome, beautiful, capable of anything, but also human and imperfect with room for growth and improvement, but with lots of time to figure that all out.

Give your kids the courage and confidence they need to tackle the world so that society doesn’t feel like they have to bend over backward to do it for you.

And if they still do; who cares! Your kids will be fine. If they stink at baseball, take the participation trophy away, and make them earn it next year. They’ll understand.


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