What’s the deal with Christians & Halloween?


Let me begin by saying, I don’t celebrate Halloween. I in no means think that makes me a good person, and have no judgement towards people who do. I have never thought less of someone who does celebrate it, and I hope I never will. I just don’t celebrate it because it’s a personal conviction.

Many Christians don’t celebrate Halloween. Not because the Bible tells us that people who do are evil, but because a lot of the principles of Halloween contradict a lot of the principles we choose to live by. I feel like it’s a day that many people see as a celebration of fear and death. I choose to spend my days celebrating peace, love, and life.

However, I will say, that while Halloween as a holiday is something I disagree with, I don’t think that this means Christians can’t have fun during this time of the year. As Christians, we don’t need to waste our breath protesting and hating Holidays. The Jehovah Witnesses have that taken care of. Just because the idea of Halloween is something we disagree with doesn’t mean we have to hide in our homes and crawl into seclusion until it’s all over.

I believe there are plenty of ways Christians can have fun during this time of the year without compromising personal spiritual convictions. First of all, candy. There’s nothing wrong with candy. I don’t trick or treat because I don’t like the origins of the idea, or the sense of anarchy that many young people have while they do it, but there’s nothing wrong with letting your kids have a little extra sugar during this time of the year.

Also, costumes. I know that the “Celtic pagans wore costumes to scare away the demons”, but I don’t think the Celtic pagans were dressed up as Iron Man and Elsa. I think it does more harm than good for a young Christian kid to be told that while all their friends are having fun wearing cool costumes, they can’t do the same because “God doesn’t like it”. I also don’t think their unchristian friends are going to think very highly of Christianity if when they ask their Christian friend why they don’t want to dress up, and they hear that it’s because “my mommy and daddy think what you’re doing is evil”. I might be wrong, and I’ll answer for myself in heaven, but I’m pretty sure God is okay with kids dressing up like superheros and princesses. We don’t have to do these things on the day of Halloween, but I don’t see a problem with having a special day of candy and costumes.

If you’re a Christian parent, I challenge you; form a strong spiritual conviction about Halloween, and teach your children why you believe what you believe. Don’t just tell them they can’t because “you said so” and “God hates it”. Be spiritual. Pray about it. Talk about it. If God puts it in your heart, then be confident enough to explain why you believe what you believe. Also, don’t be afraid to let this time of the year still be fun for your kids. Don’t let the world have a monopoly on the idea of fun. If atheist can still enjoy the Christmas season, why can’t we enjoy the fall season?

I remember hearing an interview with the famous magic group, “Pen and Teller”, where they were talking about how they promote atheism in their home. One of the magicians (I forgot which one) said, “I’ve never forced my children to be atheist. However, every year, while all their Christian kids are having fun with their presents during Christmas, I always promise to give my kid an even better gift if they choose to stay atheist.”

Christian kids are losing interest in church at an alarming rate, and a big reason why is because, “the other kids get better presents”. I’m not suggesting compromise. I would never suggest to compromise a Biblical principle to please man, but what I am suggesting, is to reconsider your idea of what’s really “evil”? If you pray about it, and still feel in your heart that candy and costumes are of the devil, then that’s okay. Just don’t let me catch you snacking on a Snickers bar or dressing up at a Comic Con. Otherwise, have a blast! Organize something for your church to have fun during the fall season. Harvest Festivals, Game Nights, Hallelujah Nights, all of these are great ideas to make sure that our kids knows, serving God is not only rewarding, but it can be fun too!


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